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Kalimala Varambathi Yogacharya Puraskar 2017

Crystal Higgins Jul 23 2018

Sri. Lenish John honoured and awarded "Kalimala Varambathi Yogacharya Puraskar 2017" for bringing up the prestige of Indian heritage in Australia with his Yogic healing call Atharvanic Kriya Yoga. The award handed over to Sri. Lenish John by Sri. Richard Hay, the Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha  and  popular Indian movie actress Miss Sanusha. He born in Kochi, Kerala and studied Vedic science and Yoga under the guidance of renowned yoga master in India Sri Jos Jacob.
For the past 5 years, Lenish John was practicing Atharvanic Kriya and supporting the people who were suffering from various health issues in Australia. The Australian immigration department recognised his deep knowledge  in Vedic science and Yogic healing and offered him citizenship to support their community.
"It is always good to honour Yogis like Sri. Lenish John who are not only saving  Indian heritage but also spreading the values of our country to other countries", Richard Hay added. BJP Thottakkad Sasi, Ananthapuri Hindu Dharma Parishat General Secretary Sri. M. Gopal, Swami Santhi Prasad C Rajendran were also present in the event that was held on behalf of the Kalimala Varambhathi Mahotsav 2017.

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