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Kriya Yoga

The fastest route to spiritual enlightenment

Whether you are a beginner in Kriya Yoga or any kind of yoga, or have been practicing for many years or are somewhere in between, Lenish will begin with a careful analysis of your health condition, mindset, and life force energy and finally design a unique Kriya Yoga practice tailored to meet your individual needs.

By the time you finish the 5 days of consecutive practice, which is taught in a Guru-Sishya tradition, you will be able to practice by yourself at home and be ready to start exploring the magic of true Yoga and Meditation! From this point, you can start sharing your experiences and ask any related questions to your Guru Lenish and he will guide you through each stage.

This powerful and authentic Kriya Yoga practice can take you to advanced levels of Yoga and meditation in no time as compared to other practices available today. If you are someone seeking the fastest route to spiritual enlightenment, then look no further and book your sessions with Lenish John now.

kriya yoga breathing

Atharvanic Kriya Yoga

A combination of Kriya Yoga and holistic treatment to accelerate spiritual growth

To go deeper into yoga, one has to remove from the body the ailments that obstruct yoga practice and meditation. The impurities and energy barriers in the body can seriously affect the course of the spiritual journey. Atharvanic is a powerful healing method from the Vedas (sacred scripts) to remove impurities from the body and mind. 

Daily practice of Kriya Yoga radiates strong vitality to the body and mind. Atharvanic is a method used to harness the life force, thus radiated in a way that suits the body and mind. Moreover, this treatment with Kriya Yoga effectively gives health to the spine and nerves to allow the energies like Kundalini to travel correctly.

Lenish John applies this Atharvanic healing method with Kriya Yoga to students who want to accelerate their spiritual growth. This approach is helpful for channeling the life force energy that flows so much into the subtle and causal body, so they can quickly enter the advanced stages of yoga.

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Tantric Kriya Yoga

Awakening and channelising life force energy from Kundalini

Tantric Kriya is one of the powerful and in-depth practices through which Kundalini (rests at the base of the spine) awakening happens. Once awakened the kundalini energy flows up along the spine opening all the chakras (energy centers) in the body before it finally unites with the primordial energy in the Sahasrara Chakra (located at the top of the head). This will gradually lead to enlightenment. It is imperative that Kundalini energy is guided by an experienced Yoga Guru otherwise it can cause many emotional and nerve-related problems. 

Tantric gradually heals any abnormalities and removes emotional blocks thereby leading to overall health and wellbeing. This results in better relationships with your family and friends while creating a deeper spiritual connection.

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